On occasion, we release software updates to introduce new features as well as improve product stability. Please click on the link below to access the software files.

Please read the items below carefully before downloading and installing the software. Only Amara machine software should be used for updating an Amara machine; using non-Amara update files may render the Amara non-functioning.

Amara Machine Software Version 4.53 (file QM51057-v4_63NG.s19) addresses the following:

  • Smooths the first half stitch after power up.
  • Pro-Stitcher is now back in control of location polling on or off.
  • Easy-Set Tension readout number will stay consistent on power-up.
  • Fixed download file header so any previous version of the code can load this version, but Infinity code is blocked from loading.
  • Adds an abrupt motor shut-off when the 48Volt power drops below 25Volts (thread lock or machine jam) and the machine has been started (motor may or may not be running).

Software Downloads