Sale! HQ Builder

HQ Builder

$37.76 RRP
Sale! HQ Candy

HQ Candy

This ruler will give you perfect Dresden Plate styled petals, tear drop patterns and even clamshells.

$37.76 RRP
Sale! HQ Curved Crosshatch

HQ Curved Crosshatch

The Curved Crosshatch Template is a great ruler for creating interesting fill designs in your quilts.

Sale! HQ Curved Template

HQ Curved Template

$37.76 RRP
Sale! HQ Half-Carat Diamonds

HQ Half-Carat Diamonds

The HQ Half-Carat Diamonds Template can be used to create numerous designs featuring the diamond shape.

$44.32 RRP
Sale! HQ Hexie 1 1/2″ Template

HQ Hexie 1 1/2″ Template

The HQ Hexie 1 1/2” Template can be used to create perfect 1 1/2” hexies each time when you are quilting.

$44.33 RRP
Sale! HQ Leafy

HQ Leafy

$37.76 RRP
Sale! HQ Matchstick 6″ x 1/8″

HQ Matchstick 6″ x 1/8″

The Matchstick Ruler Is perfect for stitching consistent and evenly spaced lines.

$44.33 RRP
Sale! HQ Righty

HQ Righty

$37.76 RRP
Sale! HQ Scalloped Double Hearts

HQ Scalloped Double Hearts

The HQ Scalloped Double Hearts Template is very versatile. Not only can you make a variety of hearts, you can also use it to make other great designs for your quilt.

Sale! HQ Triangles

HQ Triangles

$37.76 RRP
Sale! HQ Twirly

HQ Twirly

$37.76 RRP
Sale! HQ Wiggle Wave

HQ Wiggle Wave

The Wiggle Wave Template is great for making border design and feathers.

Sale! Mini Circles

Mini Circles

This slotted template has holes to quilt circles 1/2in, 3/4in, 1in and 1 1/2in.

$49.50 RRP
Sale! Mini Ruler 2″ x 6″

Mini Ruler 2″ x 6″

A perfect mini ruler to fit in the palm of your hand. Great for straight stitching, diagonal lines and stitch in the ditch.

$27.23 RRP