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Tips for Working with Black on Black with Heather Hopkins

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If you find working with black thread on black fabric tricky like me, here is a tip that may just help you!

I wanted to stitch a channel around this block 1/2″ out from the seam line but I struggled to see the seam line to get my ruler lined up with it.

I could have chalked/marked the line in, but I didn’t want to mark this client’s quilt. In coming – blue painters’ tape. It has 1001 uses, and that’s just for quilting!

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I have taken a piece of blue painter’s tape and stuck it along the seam/ditch. I can then line my ruler up on the edge of the blue tape to get my stitch line. (On my ruler I am using the first 1/4″ marked line on the ruler against the tape + the width of my foot = 1/2″ out from the ditch).

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I used the same piece of tape and moved it to the next seam/ditch and continued around the block.

tips quilting black on black 4tips quilting black on black 5About the Quilt:
  • Quilt pattern is Night Sky by Jaybird Quilts
  • Pieced by Julie M
  • Custom quilted by me (Heather Hopkins) – on a Handi Quilter Infinity
  • Quilt size 120″ x 120″, over 1 million stitches, close to 17hrs of actual stitch time (needle going up & down),19 bobbins (@215yds each) and 28 thread colour changes.
  • LEach coloured block was quilted using rulers and free motion fill designs.
  • The black background I used the straight ruler to get the 1/2″ channel line, I used one computerized design from my ProStitcher between the blocks (the star in the circle) then free hand filled the rest of the black background.

It was a repetitive quilt but super fun to do!

Rulers used: