Offerings by Alison Withers

BQC Winner – Alison Withers

Offerings detail
A big congratulations to Alison Withers who has won first place with her quilt Offering. First Place, has the total prize value of $12,000 which includes a trip for two to the Houston International Quilt Show and a $6,000 Blessington Gift Certificate.

Alison Withers was not present at the Rock n Roll dinner at the Academy where the BQC Winners were announced. Her Retailer: Heights Sewing Centre collected the prize on her behalf. 
The Story behind Offerings:
My secret dreams are shared globally. They are simple dreams, but if they became reality, would enrich the lives of millions. Imagine a world where all girls, irrespective of where the lottery of life has landed them, were given a formal education through to their time as a young adult. An opportunity to see lives transformed, individuals with so much to offer their family and community, instead of a burden or merchandise.Research has shown us that educating a girl can break he cycle of family poverty, increase the likelihood of the next generation being educated, transform their societies and ultimately guide them down a path of empowerment that will change their life, and the world,for the common good.I have dreams that the harsh realities of child marriage,domestic slavery and gender based violence are eradicated to become distant nightmares. I have dreams that all girls will have the opportunity to stand under the tree of knowledge and reap the rewards. Of course these dreams should not be secret – it’s time to get behind the movement for change.’

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