Aussie Quilt Stars – Erin Barry

How did you get started quilting?A friend introduced me to the piecing side of quilting around 4 years ago – I haven’t looked back since putting my first quilt top together! The lovely Carolyn from Freebird Quilting introduced me to long arming just over 12 months ago, she was so generous with her time and advice when I was trying to decide whether to leap into the purchase of a long arm!
How old were you when you made your first quilt?I was in my early 30’s, I was a late bloomer!
Who taught you to quilt? My first quilt class was with the late Rosalie Dekker. She will be sorely missed in the community. RIP Rosie.
What do you like best about quilting? Everything. It is definitely my favourite part of the process these days. From selecting the right pantograph, planning out custom designs, quilting the hours away with the music playing loud. What’s not to love??
How do you decide what pattern to quilt? I usually let the quilt speak for itself, and I always take the quilt maker’s tastes into account – something modern, something more floral or feminine, geometric or something that flows more – it all depends on the quilt.
Do you have any quilt tips you could share?If you are just starting out, find some like minded people you can share your journey with – I have some incredibly lovely long arming friends that I can talk through the ins and out of the challenges long arming can throw your direction, and it has been invaluable.
How many quilts have you made and for whom have you made quilts? The quilts I have made I can actually count on 2 hands – I have quilted far more quilts for other people, than I have made for myself, or my family.
Where do you quilt and on what HQ machine? I quilt in a rumpus room that we have turned into a studio – the room is large enough to fit both my domestic sewing machine and all my sewing gear, as well as my HQ Avante long arm on the 12 foot frame – it’s very much a sewing cave and I love it!
How much time do you quilt every week, day? I have a young daughter, so I don’t get to quilt quite as much as I like, but on a good week I can get 12-15 hours in.
What advice do you wish someone had told you when you started quilting?‘Finished is better than perfect’ – some of the best advice I have been given in the last few years. With every quilt you learn something new, and handmade is just that, it’s not supposed to be perfect.
Do you have blog or Instagram to follow: Do you have blog or Instagram to follow: All of my quilting adventures are documented at @quiltbystarlight on Instagram