Aussie Quilt Stars – B’Creative Patchwork and Sewing

How did you get started quilting?I started to patchwork & quilt in the late 90,s I lived in Parkes NSW, and there was a small group of us, we would get together once a week and I was hooked, back then my sister and I drove to Camden to look at a long arm, but due to a family, tragedy We didn’t go ahead
How old were you when you made your first quilt?I was approximately 45 when I started to patchwork & quilt I had been sewing since the 50’s and Michelle started to do Patchwork when she came home for the week-end about 1999-2000, we would sit on Saturday afternoons and watch quilting from the Heartlands on pay TV
Who taught you to quilt? By reading a lot of quilting books, the sewing machine shop in town, and the weekly group get together.
What do you like best about quilting? I love the freedom in the creativity and how each quilt speaks to you, and then seeing the quilt go to another level once finished
How do you decide what pattern to quilt? I will load the quilt, then it may sit on the frame for a day or two and let it do the talking
Do you have any quilt tips you could share? I cannot stress how important it is to doodle, and just relax and enjoy it, and practice, practice, practice
How many quilts have you made and for whom have you made quilts? I have lost count of how many quilts I have made, for my family for friends, I don’t make many now because of the shop and I spend a lot of time quilting for others.
Where do you quilt and on what HQ machine? We quilt at the shop, and We started with the Avante 18, this year we upgraded to the Amara 20 I loved the Avante and it took me a little time to adjust to the Amara now I really love it.
How much time do you quilt every week, day? Most days I quilt for a couple of hours, the longest I quilted in one day was about 12 hours I don’t recommend that to any one
What advice do you wish someone had told you when you started quilting?I don’t know of anything at this moment, as I am blessed to have had through my training on mid/ long arms with the Blessington, team, over the years, and also I cannot but highly recommend the Handi quilter academy, Blessington have started, it is through the highly skilled tutors at these events, that I have really grown and I know I still have a lot more to learn as there is no end to learning new skill’s.
Tell is about your business and what you offer Barbara & Michelle started B’Creative Patchwork & Sewing on the Sunshine Coast QLD, in 2006, We sell Handi Quilter, Husqvarna Viking, PFAFF, Singer, Accuquilt, we service Machines, run classes, and have a Quilting Service doing edge to edge or custom quilting,
Do you have blog or Instagram to follow: Do you have blog or Instagram to follow:
We have a face book page and a web site www.bcreativepatchwork.com